Схема написания дискуссионного сочинения

Схема написания дискуссионного сочинения

Discursive essays

1 тип: 'For' and 'Against' essays (formal style)
Paragraph 1
- present the topic and state the problem, make a general remark about it without
giving your opinion.

Paragraphs 2
-Arguments "for" or “against” ( 3 points)
(explain support your arguments with examples)

Paragraphs 3
-Arguments "against" or “for” (3 points)
(support your arguments with examples)

Paragraph 4
- Summary or conclusion. You may write your opinion, giving argument(s)

2 тип: Opinion essays (formal style)
Paragraph 1
- introduce the subject and state your opinion

Paragraph 2
- express your personal opinion and give reasons for it, supported by reasons (and examples)

Paragraph 3
- give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don’t agree with it

Paragraphs 4
- summarize what you've said/ draw a conclusion

Useful Language

I. Introduction.
       State the topic /problem, talk generally about the topic, you may:
• ask a question or start with a quotation
• refer to history of the subject
• introduce the opposite views.
       - Since the times immemorial … For centuries … people have been arguing / thinking about … struggling for … Today we still …
       - People have always wanted …
       - Some people believe that … while others claim that … Both sides have their reasons. Let’s consider them.
       - As a general rule … It is popularly believed that … It is often suggested … People often claim that … A lot of people think that … Many people are in favour of … / are convinced that …
       - We all know that...
       - Can you imagine … ? Isn't it amazing …? Have you ever thought of ...? Isn't it strange...?
       - There are both advantages and disadvantages …Let's begin with …

II. Main Body
Points «for» and «against», along with your justification, appear in two separate paragraphs
• To introduce points
       - The main / most important / greatest advantage of … is that
       - Another advantage/ disadvantage of … A further advantage/ disadvantage of …
       - One point of view in favour of/ against... The best/ worst thing about … is …
• To list points
       - In the first place ... First of all … To start with... To begin with...
       - Secondly ... Thirdly … Finally … Last but not least …
• To add more points to the same topic
       - What is more ... Furthermore … Moreover … Another advantage is …
       - In addition to this ... Besides … Apart from this …
• To make contrasting points (3d paragraph)
       - On the other hand … /however … /in spite of the fact that … /despite the fact that …
       - while… /nevertheless .../ even though … /although … it can be argued that
• To introduce contrasting viewpoints
       - It is argued that … /People argue that … /Opponents of this view say …/ There are people who oppose … /Contrary to what most believe …
• To introduce examples
       - for example… /for instance ... /such as …/ like ...

III. Conclusion
you give either your opinion or a balanced consideration of the topic, or give the reader something to consider, or to end with a quotation

-to conclude …/to sum up … /all in all … /on the whole … /in conclusion … /
taking everything into account /as it was previously stated … /
All things considered … /although there are some disadvantages … / I believe ...
All in all, I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages …
All in all, I still feel that the benefits of outweigh the disadvantages.

в "FOR and AGAINST" эссе мы можем дать своё мнение только в ЗАКЛЮЧЕНИИ. Это сбалансированное сочинение, в котором аргументами поддерживаются обе точки зрения.
в "Opinion" эссе мы даём своё мнение дважды - в начале и в конце сочинения.

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